Who Are You Running From?

by Male Sagittal

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released May 11, 2017

Performed by Male Sagittal:

Ross MacDonald - Vocals, Bass Guitar
David Talbott - Drums

All songs written by Ross MacDonald, except "ZIG ZAGS" and "Muhlay" written by Ross MacDonald and David Talbott, and "Take on The World" written by Nathan Williams

Recorded & produced by Damien Marksson and Ross MacDonald

Special thanks: ポケットカメラ




Male Sagittal Ottawa, Ontario

$$$$$ Two-Piece Hardcore Pop $$$$$

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Track Name: Goons!
Bloody knuckles and broken jaws
Pain killers aren't doing their job
Head trauma has got me seeing stars
But I'm addicted to the applause

I'm just a Prairie kid trying to make an honest living
Doing what I'm told and now I'm the villain

Popping pills that the team supplies
Doing what I can to get by
Only a victim in reporter's eyes
But they'll still use me and the rest of the guys

I'm just a Prairie kid grown up fighting for his brothers
History repeats, I'm just like the others

This fucking game seems so insane
When you see Probert's brain and Boogaard's pain
It never stops because its all the same
And some things never fucking change
Track Name: Cocaine Grrrlz
Oh baby hold me down because I'm wasting away the day
Lets smoke those cigarettes yeah we're dying anyway
Or we'll shoot some heroin because I guess it's all the same
We're just another band singing about cocaine

Selling irreverence and I know I'm cashing in
This sea of white people keep coming back again
We'll start some fights and smoke some weed behind the bar
We're frat kids with more stickers on our guitars

And I'm fucked
Drink up
Seeing double and can barely stand so you know I'll write a song about it
And how much
Is too much?
It's what you all came to see so I guess I'm going to find out again

Just wrote a brand new song about how much I like drinking beer
Got a photo-shoot, so I'm rocking tattered jeans and bleach blonde hair
With a flannel shirt, I'm a dead ringer for Kurt Cobain
Except the attitude, musicianship, and pain

Yeah dude
Fuck you
But I'm a rebel with a cause: Bandcamp, Twitter followers, and Youtube views
And how much
Is too much?
It's what you all came to see so I guess I'm going to find out again
Track Name: Canuck
I don't identify with a coffee cup
Or a Canadian Tire commercial with a kid
Who really fucking sucks at hockey
playing shinny with Sidney Crosby

I don't give a fuck about
Molsen or Labatt
Peddling their shitty beer
With Rocky Mountain scenes and beer league dreams

Selling us on Nationality
I don't need some assholes in a focus group dictating my identity

I don't identify with a pick up truck
That's built Ford Tough and can hold like
Seven hockey bags at once
With four wheel drive for Canadian winters

They're using our ingrained
Now we're just a bunch of suckers
Who believe in what Tim Horton's says

Profiting off Nationality
I don't need some assholes in a focus group dictating my identity
Track Name: Muhlay
Why do I waste my time
Always thinking about you
When I just sit at home
Fucking cumming without you
And I've made my mistakes
Now it's all that I do
I'm going insane
Sick of being lied to

You, you've got me by the strings
I'm wasting away
You're inside my head
And you see right through me
You take all you can
It feels like a disease
I'm stuck in this rut
And I'm fucked up on it

Now I'm all alone
And you're all alone
Track Name: Take On The World
It's a Wavves song, look it up
Track Name: MABYA
Maybe I'm comfortable
Maybe I'm cynical
Maybe my over thinking's finally reached a pinnacle
We always fall in line
A need to feel defined

Maybe I'll run away
Suppress that urge to stay
and feel those pressures to amount to something fade away
I wish I could disappear
But it's not that easy here

I guess it's all in my head.